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2014 4A Plains Conference League Champions


King Sooper Card Accounts now visible via GOOGLE DOC

Posted Mon Apr 13th, 2015 1:54:PM

Please see the below link for your balances via real time.  This spread sheet will be updated on a monthly basis.  If you feel there is a mistake, please feel free to contact Candi Thomas ( Please note:  When we receive the statements from King Soopers, the cards are listed in numberical order, not by player name.  In order to make sure that we credit the accounts properly, we have listed the accounts by card number.  If you have more than one card, and they were distributed at different times, you will have two different accounts on the first tab.  The second tab is a total of your account.  If we have this incorrect, again please let Candi Thomas know. Remember - this is the easiest way to offset your fees!  5% of every dollar you reload onto the card goes right back to you!